Halal Crypto Index: CryptoUmmah Shariah Index 10 (CUSI10)

Halal Crypto Index

Gain diversified exposure to the high-growth cryptocurrency sector in a Shariah-compliant manner

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Why Shariah Compliant Index-Based Investment

We track the Top 10 Halal Cryptocurrencies to minimise risk and volatility. This efficient index-based approach outperforms active stock/ crypto picking over the long term.

Secure Long Term Growth

As you can see from the chart an index comprised of the top 10 cryptocurrencies far outperformed just bitcoin alone.

Proven Methodology

The lower chart shows how the top 10 companies from the S&P500  outperformed the full S&P500 by almost 50% *Source: JP Morgan

Reduce Risk

Invest in the growth of ethical crypto without compromising your faith or taking excess risk.

SP500 vs top10

What’s In The Halal Crypto Index

The cryptocurrency market has exploded in recent years, creating major opportunities but also risks concerning riba (interest), gharar (excessive uncertainty), and other prohibitions.

Our Halal Crypto Index navigates this challenge by applying proven Islamic finance principles to screen for permissible digital assets.

The CUSI10 is not just a static index, but a dynamic one. It comprises the top 10 halal cryptocurrencies, and we actively manage it by average weighting and rebalancing it weekly.

The table shows the coins within the Shariah Index as of the 10th May 2024. We adjust coins and allocations as they move in and out of the top 10, so you don’t have to do anything.

Rank Coin
1 Bitcoin BTC
2 Ethereum ETH
3 Binance BNB
4 Solana SOL
6-10 Others


Why Halal Crypto Investing


Diversified Market Exposure

The Halal Crypto Index provides exposure to the most prominent Shariah-compliant projects driving blockchain innovation in payments, decentralized finance, storage, identity, and more.

Invest in the growth of ethical crypto without compromising your faith or taking excess risk.


Community-Driven Governance

Our project is guided by a community of Islamic investors and subject matter experts who are passionate about cryptocurrency’s potential while ensuring Shariah alignment.

Join the community to have your voice heard on index policies.


Rigorous Shariah Compliance

Our index methodology utilises financial ratio thresholds, qualitative business activity screens, and governance standards overseen by our board.

Only cryptocurrencies aligned with Shariah law are included. The criteria are transparent and rigorously applied.

Invest Ethically in the Web 3.0 Economy

Cryptocurrency is powering the transition to a more open, decentralized internet economy.

Our Halal Crypto Index allows you to participate in this technological revolution in a halal and ethical manner consistent with your faith and values.

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