Halal Cryptocurrency List

Coins Screened for Shariah Compliance

Halal Coins

Haram Coins or TBD

This is the largest list of Halal cryptocurrencies online, where each coin has been screened against robust Shariah guidelines to determine if it is Halal or Haram. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure compliance, having been reviewed by Muftis etc, please note this is our humble opinion using the methodology adopted by those more qualified than us.

We hope it helps Muslims Traders and Investors remain Shariah compliant In Sha Allah.



Halal Crypto List 2024: Updated 12th March

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NameTickerHalal/ Haram Status
0xZRX0x: ZRX is Halal
AelfELFAelf: ELF is Halal
AergoAERGOAergo: AERGO is Halal
AgrelloDLTAgrello: DLT is Halal
AionAIONAion: AION is Halal
Alchemy PayACHAlchemy Pay: ACH is Halal
AlgorandALGOAlgorand: ALGO is Halal
AragonANTAragon: ANT is Halal
ArivaARVAriva: ARV is Halal
ARPA ChainARPAARPA Chain: ARPA is Halal
ArweaveARArweave: AR is Halal
Assemble ProtocolASMAssemble Protocol: ASM is Halal
AtlantATLAtlant: ATL is Halal
AvalancheAVAXAvalanche: AVAX is Halal
Axie InfinityAXSAxie Infinity: AXS is Halal
BalancerBALBalancer: BAL is Halal
BancorpBNTBancorp: BNT is Halal
Band ProtocolBANDBand Protocol: BAND is Halal
BankeraBNKBankera: BNK is Halal
Basic Attention TokenBATBasic Attention Token: BAT is Halal
BeamBEAMBeam: BEAM is Halal
BifrostBFCBifrost: BFC is Halal
Binance CoinBNBBinance Coin: BNB is Halal
Binance USDBUSDBinance USD: BUSD is Halal
BitcoinBTCBitcoin: BTC is Halal
Bitcoin CashBCHBitcoin Cash: BCH is Halal
Bitcoin SVBSVBitcoin SV: BSV is Halal
BluzelleBLZBluzelle: BLZ is Halal
BytecoinBCNBytecoin: BCN is Halal
CardanoADACardano: ADA is Halal
CartesiCTSICartesi: CTSI is Halal
CasperCSPRCasper: CSPR is Halal
CeloCELOCelo: CELO is Halal
CertiKCTKCertiK: CTK is Halal
ChainlinkLINKChainlink: LINK is Halal
ChilizCHZChiliz: CHZ is Halal
ChromiaCHRChromia: CHR is Halal
Chrono TechTIMEChrono Tech: TIME is Halal
CivicCVCCivic: CVC is Halal
ConfluxCFXConflux: CFX is Halal
CortexCTXCCortex: CTXC is Halal
CosmosATOMCosmos: ATOM is Halal
CovalentCQTCovalent: CQT is Halal
CyberMilesCMTCyberMiles: CMT is Halal
DaiDAIDai: DAI is Halal
DashDASHDash: DASH is Halal
DecentralandMANADecentraland: MANA is Halal
DecredDCRDecred: DCR is Halal
DentDENTDent: DENT is Halal
DigibyteDGBDigibyte: DGB is Halal
DigitalBitsXDBDigitalBits: XDB is Halal
District XDNTDistrict X: DNT is Halal
DogecoinDOGEDogecoin: DOGE is Halal
Dusk NetworkDUSKDusk Network: DUSK is Halal
eCashXECeCash: XEC is Halal
ElectroneumETNElectroneum: ETN is Halal
ElrondEGLDElrond: EGLD is Halal
ElysiaELElysia: EL is Halal
Enjin CoinENJEnjin Coin: ENJ is Halal
EosEOSEos: EOS is Halal
Epic CashEPICEpic Cash: EPIC is Halal
EspersESPEspers: ESP is Halal
EthereumETHEthereum: ETH is Halal
Ethereum ClassicETCEthereum Classic: ETC is Halal
Ethereum Name ServiceENSEthereum Name Service: ENS is Halal
Fetch.AiFETFetch.Ai: FET is Halal
FilecoinFILFilecoin: FIL is Halal
FIO ProtocolFIOFIO Protocol: FIO is Halal
FiroFIROFiro: FIRO is Halal
FluxFLUXFlux: FLUX is Halal
GalaGALAGala: GALA is Halal
GiftoGTOGifto: GTO is Halal
GitcoinGTCGitcoin: GTC is Halal
GoChainGOGoChain: GO is Halal
GoldcoinGLCGoldcoin: GLC is Halal
GolemGLMGolem: GLM is Halal
GroestlcoinGRSGroestlcoin: GRS is Halal
Hacken TokenHAIHacken Token: HAI is Halal
HarmonyONEHarmony: ONE is Halal
HathorHTRHathor: HTR is Halal
Hedera HashgraphHBARHedera Hashgraph: HBAR is Halal
HeliumHNTHelium: HNT is Halal
HiveHIVEHive: HIVE is Halal
HoloHOTHolo: HOT is Halal
HorizenZENHorizen: ZEN is Halal
HydraHYDRAHydra: HYDRA is Halal
HyperCashHCHyperCash: HC is Halal
IconICXIcon: ICX is Halal
Internet ComputerICPInternet Computer: ICP is Halal
IotaIOTAIota: IOTA is Halal
IotexIOTXIotex: IOTX is Halal
KadenaKDAKadena: KDA is Halal
KalaoKLOKalao: KLO is Halal
KardiaChainKAIKardiaChain: KAI is Halal
KlaytnKLAYKlaytn: KLAY is Halal
KomodoKMDKomodo: KMD is Halal
KryllKRLKryll: KRL is Halal
KusamaKSMKusama: KSM is Halal
LiskLSKLisk: LSK is Halal
LitecoinLTCLitecoin: LTC is Halal
LitentryLITLitentry: LIT is Halal
LitexLXTLitex: LXT is Halal
LivepeerLPTLivepeer: LPT is Halal
Loom NetworkLOOMLoom Network: LOOM is Halal
LosslessLSSLossless: LSS is Halal
LTO NetworkLTOLTO Network: LTO is Halal
MarlinPONDMarlin: POND is Halal
Mask NetworkMASKMask Network: MASK is Halal
Measurable Data TokenMDTMeasurable Data Token: MDT is Halal
MediblocMEDMedibloc: MED is Halal
MetaheroHEROMetahero: HERO is Halal
MetalMTLMetal: MTL is Halal
MetalMTAMetal: MTA is Halal
Mina ProtocolMINAMina Protocol: MINA is Halal
MoneroXMRMonero: XMR is Halal
MonethaMTHMonetha: MTH is Halal
MoonriverMOVRMoonriver: MOVR is Halal
My Neighbour AliceALICEMy Neighbour Alice: ALICE is Halal
NanoNANONano: NANO is Halal
NavcoinNAVNavcoin: NAV is Halal
NearNEARNear: NEAR is Halal
NeblioNEBLNeblio: NEBL is Halal
NebulasNASNebulas: NAS is Halal
NemXEMNem: XEM is Halal
NeoNEONeo: NEO is Halal
Nervos NetworkCKBNervos Network: CKB is Halal
NexusNXSNexus: NXS is Halal
NuCypherNUNuCypher: NU is Halal
NulsNULSNuls: NULS is Halal
Ocean ProtocolOCEANOcean Protocol: OCEAN is Halal
OMG NetworkOMGOMG Network is Halal
OntologyONTOntology: ONT is Halal
Ontology GasONGOntology Gas: ONG is Halal
OrachainORAIOrachain: ORAI is Halal
Orbit ChainORCOrbit Chain: ORC is Halal
OrchidOXTOrchid: OXT is Halal
Origin ProtocolOGNOrigin Protocol: OGN is Halal
Orion ProtocolORNOrion Protocol: ORN is Halal
Pax DollarUSDPPax Dollar: USDP is Halal
Paxos StandardPAXGPaxos Standard: PAXG is Halal
PERL.ecoPERLPERL.eco: PERL is Halal
PersistenceXPRTPersistence: XPRT is Halal
Phala NetworkPHAPhala Network: PHA is Halal
Pheonix GlobalPHBPheonix Global: PHB is Halal
Pirate ChainARRRPirate Chain: ARRR is Halal
PivxPIVXPivx: PIVX is Halal
POA NetworkPOAPOA Network: POA is Halal
PolkadotDOTPolkadot: DOT is Halal
PolygonMATICPolygon: MATIC is Halal
PolymathPOLYPolymath: POLY is Halal
PowerledgerPOWRPowerledger: POWR is Halal
PrometeusPromPrometeus: Prom is Halal
PundiXPUNDIXPundiX: PUNDIX is Halal
QLC ChainQLCQLC Chain: QLC is Halal
QtumQTUMQtum is Halal
QuantQNTQuant: QNT is Halal
QuantstampQSPQuantstamp: QSP is Halal
RadicleRADRadicle: RAD is Halal
RallyRLYRally: RLY is Halal
RavencoinRVNRavencoin: RVN is Halal
Razor NetworkRAZORRazor Network: RAZOR is Halal
Render TokenRNDRRender Token: RNDR is Halal
RequestREQRequest: REQ is Halal
RevainREVRevain: REV is Halal
RippleXRPRipple: XRP is Halal
RSK Infrastructure FrameworkRIFRSK Infrastructure Framework: RIF is Halal
SafePalSFPSafePal: SFP is Halal
SecretSCRTSecret: SCRT is Halal
SelfkeyKEYSelfkey: KEY is Halal
SentivateSNTVTSentivate: SNTVT is Halal
ShareTokenSHRShareToken: SHR is Halal
SiacoinSCSiacoin: SC is Halal
SkaleSKLSkale: SKL is Halal
Skrumble NetworkSKMSkrumble Network: SKM is Halal
Soda CoinSOCSoda Coin: SOC is Halal
SolanaSOLSolana: SOL is Halal
SolaniumSLIMSolanium: SLIM is Halal
StacksSTXStacks: STX is Halal
StatusSNTStatus: SNT is Halal
SteamrDATASteamr: DATA is Halal
Steem DollarsSBDSteem Dollars: SBD is Halal
StellarXLMStellar: XLM is Halal
StorjSTORJStorj: STORJ is Halal
StormXSTMXStormX: STMX is Halal
StratisSTRAXStratis: STRAX is Halal
Student CoinSTCStudent Coin: STC is Halal
SuterusuSUTERSuterusu: SUTER is Halal
SwashSWASHSwash: SWASH is Halal
SymbolXYMSymbol: XYM is Halal
SyscoinSYSSyscoin: SYS is Halal
TelcoinTELTelcoin: TEL is Halal
TellorTRBTellor: TRB is Halal
Terra Virtua KolectTVKTerra Virtua Kolect: TVK is Halal
TetherUSDTTether: USDT is Halal
Tether GoldXAUTTether Gold: XAUT is Halal
TezosXTZTezos: XTZ is Halal
The GraphGRTThe Graph: GRT is Halal
The SandboxSANDThe Sandbox: SAND is Halal
Theta FuelTFUELTheta Fuel: TFUEL is Halal
Theta NetworkTHETATheta Network: THETA is Halal
Titan CoinTTNTitan Coin: TTN is Halal
TitanSwapTITANTitanSwap: TITAN is Halal
TomoChainTOMOTomoChain: TOMO is Halal
TravalaAVATravala: AVA is Halal
Trias TokenTRIASTrias Token: TRIAS is Halal
Trust WalletTWTTrust Wallet: TWT is Halal
UltraUOSUltra: UOS is Halal
UniswapUNIUniswap: UNI is Halal
USD CoinUSDCUSD Coin: USDC is Halal
UtrustUTKUtrust: UTK is Halal
ValidityVALValidity: VAL is Halal
VechainVETVechain: VET is Halal
VelasVLXVelas: VLX is Halal
VergeXVGVerge: XVG is Halal
VeritaseumVERIVeritaseum: VERI is Halal
VethorVTHOVethor: VTHO is Halal
Vidt DatalinkVIDTVidt Datalink: VIDT is Halal
WabiWABIWabi: WABI is Halal
WaltonchainWTCWaltonchain: WTC is Halal
WanchainWANWanchain: WAN is Halal
WavesWAVESWaves: WAVES is Halal
WaykiChainWICCWaykiChain: WICC is Halal
Wrapped BitcoinWBTCWrapped Bitcoin: WBTC is Halal
Xdc NetworkXDCXdc Network: XDC is Halal
XyoXYOXyo: XYO is Halal
ZcashZECZcash: ZEC is Halal
ZigcoinZIGZigcoin: ZIG is Halal
ZilliqaZILZilliqa: ZIL is Halal
1Inch1INCH1Inch: 1INCH is Haram
AaveAAVEAave: AAVE is Haram
AkropolisAKROAkropolis: AKRO is Haram
Alpaca FinanceALPACAAlpaca Finance: ALPACA is Haram
Alpha Finance LabALPHAAlpha Finance Lab: ALPHA is Haram
Anchor ProtocolANCAnchor Protocol: ANC is Haram
AnkrANKRAnkr: ANKR is Haram
APY FinanceAPYAPY Finance: APY is Haram
AugerREPAuger: REP is Haram
Badger DAOBADGERBadger DAO: BADGER is Haram
BakeryTokenBAKEBakeryToken: BAKE is Haram
BarnBridgeBONDBarnBridge: BOND is Haram
Bella ProtocolBELBella Protocol: BEL is Haram
Beta FinanceBETABeta Finance: BETA is Haram
Bitcoin GoldBTGBitcoin Gold: BTG is Halal
Bridge MutualBMIBridge Mutual: BMI is Haram
bZx ProtocolBZRXbZx Protocol: BZRX is Haram
CelsiusCELCelsius: CEL is Haram
Coin98C98Coin98: C98 is Haram
CompoundCOMPCompound: COMP is Haram
Convex FinanceCVXConvex Finance: CVX is Haram
Cream FinanceCREAMCream Finance: CREAM is Haram
Curve Dao TokenCRVCurve Dao Token: CRV is Haram
DeFiChainDFIDeFiChain: DFI is Haram
DeXeDEXEDeXe: DEXE is Haram
DexlabDXLDexlab: DXL is Haram
DFL MoneyYFIIDFL Money: YFII is Haram
DforceDFDforce: DF is Haram
DuckDaoDimeDDIMDuckDaoDime: DDIM is Haram
dYdXDYDXdYdX: DYDX is Haram
EnzymeMLNEnzyme: MLN is Haram
FrontierFRONTFrontier: FRONT is Haram
Genesis VisionGVTGenesis Vision: GVT is Haram
Harvest FinanceFARMHarvest Finance: FARM is Haram
HegicHEGICHegic: HEGIC is Haram
HiFi FinanceMFTHiFi Finance: MFT is Haram
Injective ProtocolINJInjective Protocol: INJ is Haram
JustJSTJust: JST is Haram
Kava LendHARDKava Lend: HARD is Haram
Kava SwapSWPKava Swap: SWP is Haram
Kava.ioKAVAKava.io: KAVA is Haram
Kyber Network CrystalKNCKyber Network Crystal: KNC is Haram
LinearLINALinear: LINA is Haram
LiquityLQTYLiquity: LQTY is Haram
LoopringLRCLoopring: LRC is Haram
MakerMKRMaker: MKR is Haram
Mantra DOAOMMantra DOA: OM is Haram
Mirror ProtocolMIRMirror Protocol: MIR is Haram
Mirrored Invesco QQQ TrustmQQQMirrored Invesco QQQ Trust: mQQQ is Haram
Mirrored United States Oil FundmUSOMirrored United States Oil Fund: mUSO is Haram
MMOCoinMMOMMOCoin: MMO is Haram
MoboxMBOXMobox: MBOX is Haram
NexoNEXONexo: NEXO is Haram
Oasis NetworkROSEOasis Network: ROSE is Halal
PancakeswapCAKEPancakeswap: CAKE is Haram
Perpetual ProtocolPERPPerpetual Protocol: PERP is Haram
PopuousPPTPopuous: PPT is Haram
RaydiumRAYRaydium: RAY is Halal
ReefREEFReef: REEF is Haram
RenRENRen: REN is Haram
Ribbon FinanceRBNRibbon Finance: RBN is Haram
SafeMoonSAFEMOONSafeMoon: SAFEMOON is Haram
Sharpe Platform TokenSHPSharpe Platform Token: SHP is Haram
Shiba InuSHIBShiba Inu: SHIB is Haram
SpiritSwapSPIRITSpiritSwap: SPIRIT is Haram
StafiFISStafi: FIS is Haram
SunSUNSun: SUN is Haram
SushiSUSHISushi: SUSHI is Haram
SwerveSWRVSwerve: SWRV is Haram
SwissborgCHSBSwissborg: CHSB is Haram
SynthetixSNXSynthetix: SNX is Haram
TerraLUNATerra: LUNA is Haram
TheForce TradeFOCTheForce Trade: FOC is Haram
TrueFiTRUTrueFi: TRU is Haram
UmaUMAUma: UMA is Haram
UniLendUFTUniLend: UFT is Haram
VenusXVSVenus: XVS is Haram
ViberateVIBViberate: VIB is Haram
VoyagerVGXVoyager: VGX is Haram
WEMIXWemixWEMIX: Wemix is Haram
Woo NetworkWOOWoo Network: WOO is Haram
Yearn.financeYFIYearn.finance: YFI is Haram
AmpAMPAmp: AMP is undecided
AudiusAUDIOAudius: AUDIO is undecided
Celer NetworkCELRCeler Network: CELR is undecided
FantomFTMFantom: FTM is undecided
FtxFTTFtx: FTT is undecided
GnosisGNOGnosis: GNO is undecided
Huobi TokenHTHuobi Token: HT is undecided
Keep NetworkKEEPKeep Network: KEEP is undecided
Kucoin TokenKCSKucoin Token: KCS is undecided
MdexMDXMdex: MDX is undecided
SerumSRMSerum: SRM is undecided
SwipeSXPSwipe: SXP is undecided
ThorchainRUNEThorchain: RUNE is undecided
TronTRXTron: TRX is undecided
Unus Sed LeoLEOUnus Sed Leo: LEO is undecided
WINkLinkWINWINkLink: WIN is undecided
AllianceBlockALBTAllianceBlock: ALBT is yet TBD
Bitcoin BEP2BTCBBitcoin BEP2: BTCB is yet TBD
Crypto.comCROCrypto.com: CRO is yet TBD
EllipsisEPSEllipsis: EPS is yet TBD
Gate TokenGTGate Token: GT is yet TBD
OkbOKBOkb: OKB is yet TBD
ProtonXPRProton: XPR is yet TBD
SaberSBRSaber: SBR is yet TBD
TerraUSDUSTTerraUSD: UST is yet TBD
Toko TokenTKOToko Token: TKO is yet TBD

Shariah Screening for Halal Crypto

As there are several types of crypto coins and projects, screening digital assets for Shariah compliance is essential before Muslims start investing. The following screenings are widely acceptable for digital assets and generally this is the methodology applied. You will find details in each crypto that has been analysed above measured against this criteria:

  1. Legitimacy screening – ensuring that the crypto-asset is a genuine project and not a scam.
  2. Project screening – ensuring that the project is Shariah compliant.
  3. Financials screening – ensuring that it meets the financial criteria for Shariah compliance if it is an equity-based token.
  4. Token screening – understanding the Shariah compliance of the token.
  5. Staking screening – understanding the Shariah compliance of the staking mechanism.

With the lack of general consensus from Islamic Scholars on Crypto, our opinions may develop in line with further guidelines issued and we will, of course, update this accordingly.

What Makes a Crypto Halal or Haram?

There is no definitive answer, as there is still much debate and discussion on blockchain technology and crypto trading among Islamic scholars across the world. However, some key factors that are considered include whether the currency is backed by a physical asset, whether it is used for speculative purposes or for actual goods and services, and whether it complies with Islamic banking and finance principles.

For example, some scholars argue that Bitcoin is haram because it is used primarily for speculation and does not have a physical asset backing it. Others say that it is halal because it can be used to purchase goods and services, and because it complies with principles of Islamic finance such as the prohibition of riba (interest).

Ultimately, it is up to each individual Muslim investor to make their own decision on whether to invest in cryptocurrencies or not. However, it is essential to do your research and seek guidance from a qualified Islamic scholar before making any decisions. Our halal crypto list should be used as a reference and questioned.


Are all Cryptocurrencies Halal?

No, not all cryptocurrencies are considered halal according to islamic rules. Some crypto projects are created and owned by entities that are not compliant with Islamic law. The ecosystem may involve a loan, riba, possibly even pork or alcohol in future (using smart contracts for instance). Therefore, it is important to research before investing to ensure that it is halal.



Is Crypto Lending Halal?

With the rise of cryptocurrency, exchanges and defi protocols, there has been much speculation about whether or not crypto lending is halal. In 2021, many islamic banking and financial institutions have begun to offer crypto lending services, but there is still some debate about whether or not it is permissible under Islamic law.


Some scholars argue that crypto lending is haram because it involves speculation and gambling, while others argue that it is permissible if done on a platform that is regulated and transparent. Ultimately, the decision about whether or not to lend crypto will depend on the individual’s interpretation of Islamic law.




Gambling and Uncertainty in Islam

Gambling is not allowed in Islamic faith because it is a form of speculation and it is not known what the outcome of the gamble will be. This makes gambling an uncertain transaction and an investor may be at a loss. Gambling is also deemed to be haram (forbidden) by sharia (Islamic law) because it encourages people to take risks with their own money. Risk management is one of the key factors when trading and Islam encourages Muslims to consider all risk factors when building a crypto portfolio.


When trading or investing in coins that are deemed halal, Muslims should also stay away from margin trading, lending or staking that may involve interest. Basically, think of the application of sharia-compliant stocks and use a similar screening methodology to stay away from coins that are considered haram. If you have any comments or doubts about our views please share so all Muslims may benefit IA.




Do You Have to Pay Zakat on Crypto?

Yes. Zakat is a charity that is required to be paid by Muslims. It is a percentage of one’s assets that must be given to those in need. There is some debate as to whether or not crypto counts as an asset for the purposes of zakat, but generally it is considered to be an investment and therefore subject to the same rules.